Board of Directors
The Kings Charter Owners Association, Inc (KCOA) is governed by a Board of Directors. The board currently consists of the following five (5) members:
  • Larry Shaia, President
  • Frannie Nance, Vice-President
  • Allie Harris, Secretary
  • Dan Amatruda, Treasurer
  • Gopal Chaudhary, Director
Board members are elected by the members of the Association at the Annual Meeting of Association membership every October. For more information about how to run for the board, click here. For a nomination form in a pdf version, click here. For a Word version, click here.
1YR, 2YR, 3YR terms of Directors are decided by the number of votes cast by membership.
Board meetings are typically held on the second Thursday of each month at 7:00 pm at the Kings Charter Clubhouse. Check the online community calendar for any schedule changes. 
Special Meetings: Special meetings of the Board of Directors shall be held when called by the President of the Association or by any two Directors after not less than three days notice.
Agendas and Meeting minutes are available on the Kings Charter website and are also at the Clubhouse for review by any Association members. 
The President shall preside over all meetings of the Association, and the Secretary (or the Community Manager, if so delegated) shall keep the minutes of the meeting and record in a minute book any resolutions adopted at the meeting. The President may appoint a person to serve as parliamentarian at any meeting of the association. Roberts Rules of Order shall govern the conduct of all meetings of the Association when not in conflict with the 1989 declaration, the restated articles of incorporation, these bylaws or applicable laws.
President: The President shall preside over all meetings of the Board of Directors; shall see that orders and resolutions of the Board are carried out; and shall sign all leases, mortgages, and deeds and other written instruments and promissory notes. In addition, the President shall exercise and discharge such duties that may be required by the Board.

Vice President: The Vice President, if any, shall act in the place and stead of the President in the event of the President's absence, inability, or refusal to act, and shall exercise and discharge other duties as may be required of him or the Board.

Secretary: The secretary shall record the votes and keep the minutes of all the meetings and proceedings of the Board and of the members; keep the corporate seal of the Association and affix it on all papers requiring a seal; serve notice of meetings of the Board and of the members, keep appropriate current records showing the members of the association together with their addresses, and shall perform such other duties as required by the Board.

Treasurer: The treasurer shall receive and deposit in appropriate bank accounts all monies of the Association and shall disburse such funds as directed by resolution of the Board of Directors; keep proper books of account; cause an annual audit of the association to be made by a certified public accountant at the completion of each fiscal year; and shall prepare an annual budget and a statement of income and expenditures to be presented to the members at their regular annual meeting, and deliver a copy to each of the members.
Any Director may be removed form the Board for cause by a majority vote of the members of the association at any meeting at which a quorum is present. Upon the death, resignation or removal of a Director, a successor shall be elected by the remaining members of the Board and shall serve for the unexpired term of their predecessor.
No Director shall receive compensation for any service he/she may render to the association. However, any Director may be reimbursed for his actual reasonable expenses incurred in the performance of his duties.
Action Taken Without a Meeting:
The Directors shall have the right to take any action in the absence of a meeting, which they could take at a meeting by obtaining the written approval of all the Directors. Any action so approved shall have the same effect as though taken at a meeting of the Directors or pursuant to a telephonic meeting, as permitted by Virginia Law.
Nominations and Elections:
See Nominations Committee. You may download a board nomination form here as a pdf or here in Word format.
For more information about this committee, please contact the Community Administrator at the Kings Charter Clubhouse at 804-550-2507 or by email at If you are interested in becoming a member of the Board of Directors, please contact Community Manager, Denez Stabler at 804-270-1800.