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Kings Charter is a master planned community consisting of 900 single-family homes. Kings Charter was established in 1980 and is located in Hanover County, one of the most desirable locations to live in the Richmond metro area. The Kings Charter Owners Association, Inc (KCOA) is the homeowners association that governs Kings Charter.


The vast community amenities along with the assortment of social activities for adults and kids provide Kings Charter residents with an enhanced quality of life. In addition, Kings Charter has been acknowledged several times by Richmond Magazine's "Best Of" as one of the premier communities in the Richmond area.


With churches of all faiths, excellent schools, close proximity to schools and exciting recreational activities, exceptional dining, and ease of access to major roadways all add value to the experience known as Kings Charter.



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Special Assessment Information
Posted on Mar 5th, 2024
KCOA Special Assessment
On January 8th, 2024, and pursuant to the Virginia Property Owners’ Association, Section 55.1-1825, the Board of Directors voted unanimously to apply a Special Assessment to the Membership of the Kings Charter Owners’ Association, Inc., (KCOA). This decision was made after careful consideration. Here is some background information.
The process started way back in the Fall of 2022 when the Board asked the Wetlands Committee to review the silt in the Lake and meet with Harbor Dredge and Dock (HDD). On October 21st, 2022, HDD provided a budgetary write-up of the procedure necessary to remove the silt in the Lake and haul it off-site. At that point, KCOA hadn't completed any reports or applied for any permits. HDD would perform all of the studies and obtain the necessary permits for a fee of $10,000. The Board discussed and approved the expenditure.
After which, reports were generated and HDD applied for our permits. At this time the Board did not know of the final costs and if the permits would be granted “as submitted” or if the permits would be “modified” by the governing bodies.
In March 2023, HDD completed their report which included maps of areas that needed to be dredged. In April 2023, the JPA Report was produced. Subsequently, the JPA report required a modification and was officially signed in May, 2023. Five thousand cubic yards of silt needed to be removed from the Lake.
A permit from the Army Corps of Engineers was granted on July 31, 2023 with an expiration date of March 14, 2026.
Now that all of the necessary permits were received, another quote from HDD was received. The quote was subsequently reduced and now lies at $425,000. The caveat is that the tipping fees (or dump charges) fluctuate and are determined when construction starts. The Board provided a contingency amount of $25,000 (a little over 5%) bringing the total amount to $450,000.
The Board has an obligation to maintain all assets of KCOA. The Lake is considered a Common Area and must be maintained like any other Common Asset. In fact, the KCOA Declaration has a “Fail to Maintain” clause whereby, at any time, Hanover County may move to maintain a Common Area and “back-charge” all of the Lots for whatever fees were incurred to make the correction. Hanover would do this using a Real Estate Tax Increase on every home in Kings Charter. This is an avenue we do not want to pursue as the cost will, most likely, double or triple. Again, Charter Lake (or Finger Lake) is a Common Area and must be maintained by the Association. Several years ago, KCOA dredged the Ivy Banks Lake and, more recently, a portion of Charter Lake. This is the final piece of the puzzle and by far the greatest piece.
Without the proper Reserves to cover this cost, the Board looked to other means to provide a way to pay for this maintenance expense. From September, 2023, until February, 2024, the Board held Community Meetings, explored who would be assessed (including the Commercial Members), met with the Auditors, explained how the process works and sought Legal Advice from the Association’s Attorney.
On January 8th, 2024, the Board voted in favor of a Special Assessment in the amount of $305.16 for every Class A Member and a total of $27,184 from the Class B Members. All of this was done in accordance with the Virginia Property Owners’ Association Act, Section 55.1-1825. Additionally, the Board voted in favor of using $150,000 from its Reserves to help “off-set” the total cost to the Membership. All funds will be used for the purpose of dredging and disposing of 5,000cy from Charter Lake.
Link here to the Virginia Property Owners’ Association Act, Section 55.1-1825 which specifically states “In addition to all other assessments that are authorized in the declaration, the board of directors shall have the power to levy a special assessment against its members if (i) the purpose in so doing is found by the board to be in the best interests of the association and (ii) the proceeds of the assessment are used primarily for the maintenance and upkeep of the common area and such other areas of association responsibility expressly provided for in the declaration, including capital expenditures.”
The Board wants to thank the Wetland’s Committee, KCOA Staff and Associa for all of the endless hours of work, meeting with contractors, answering questions, providing alternative solutions and exploring options from the Membership. 
The Board also wants to thank all of those for taking time out of their busy evenings to attend the dredge meetings.
 The past 2 years have been difficult and complicated. The job is not done, but KCOA always moves forward and the dredge will be completed before our permits expire. Thank you for your patience.
Dredge document #2 for the November 1, 2023 meeting
Posted on Nov 1st, 2023
FAQ Charter Lake Dredge Project
October 30, 2023
The Kings Charter Community has been acknowledged several times by Richmond Magazine's "Best Of" as one of the premier communities in the Richmond area. Kings Charter amenities, including the common areas, the lakes, the pools, tennis courts, club house and playgrounds, provide Kings Charter residents with an enhanced quality of life. It is the responsibility of the Kings Charter HOA to maintain these amenities both to enhance resident’s lifestyle and protect property values.
The Kings Charter Owners Association (KCOA) maintains two lakes, Ivy Banks Lake and Charter Lake. Since the community was first developed, periodic maintenance has been required at the dam sites, Charter Lake’s overflow has been rebuilt, and, to improve lake health, aeration was added to Charter Lake. Dredging has been undertaken in both Ivy Banks Lake and the middle section of Charter Lake. After almost 30 years, the upper section of Charter Lake has filled with sediment hampering its ability to retain storm water and causing a nuisance due to insects and odor. This portion of the lake now requires dredging.
The objective of the following FAQ is to provide additional information about Charter Lake’s dredging project.

Dredge Study documents
Posted on Oct 19th, 2023
The board requested a study of what must be done to prepare for the dredging of the rest of the lake. You can find the dredge study here.
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